Do you know how Horse Riding can benefit your Child?

Every parent knows that there may come a time when your child develops a love or even maybe an obsession for horses. As we all know here at Whinbury Hill the love for horses is for life.

What parents may not know however, is that horse riding may have many benefits to their child's growth, including self confidence, emotional intelligence, ability to listen, learn and follow instructions, self discipline and leadership.

We have put together some of the key benefits horse riding can have so you can see just how much your child can obtain through this exciting interest in horses.

Horses make wonderful buddies and children are naturally attracted to them as companions.

  • Awesome, Energetic Fun
  • Character Building
  • Health benefits – spending time outdoors versus indoors
  • Learning new hands-on skills e.g. handling horse gear, physical caring of these animals and riders etiquette
  • Learning to observe and develop an understanding about horses –their natural herd behaviour, their individual characters, their likes and dislikes
  • Responsibility for the animal
  • Making a new set of friends – other than their school circle
  • Sheer Joy for the Soul!